3 Best Table Saw Usage – Why Do We Use It?

Table saw is used to make a straight cut, precise cut, crosscuts on wood, plastic, lumber, etc. This tool is engineered to make a larger cut with the wood which we can call rip or shorter cut against it. We can also call it crosscuts. It is the best tool to perform a sawing action. This is a popular tool among woodworkers, DIY hobbyists, and home woodworkers.

Due to its design and construction, It can be a dangerous tool so on a regular basis we have to take care of it and while using it, we have to take some preventive measures. There are best table saws that will help to cut wood, metal, and other different materials, etc. Now we’ll take a look at Table saw use and safety measures.

How Was The Table Saw Constructed?

A table saw is just that, a table with a sharp-edged blade from which it slides out. These saws consist of long pieces of metal that conform to the blade. We have known it as a fence and we can adjust them according to the width of the wood we are cutting. When you are about to perform cutting action through the wood, slide your wood against it and push it through the cutting blade.

Why did we call it the table saw just because there is a sharp blade jotting up with it? Table saws are consistently accompanied by an emergency stop. We have to locate it before we start cutting through any workpiece.

Some Things That You Can Do With A Table Saw

Straight Cut

How to use table saw

There are two main things that you can do with your saw: one is rip cut and the other one is cross-cut. These cuts are shortened. By using these cuts we can trim the wood as per the desired size. Rip cut helps to make the large cut with the piece of wood and cross-cut is held to make the cut across the wood.

If your plan is to just shape a piece of plywood into a square for the underside of the drawer or make a few inches 2 * 4. These are simple cutting actions. You can try these cuts, to familiarize yourself with saw

Angled cut/Mitered cut

How to use table saw

You can also adjust the angle that you are cutting at. If you want to rip a workpiece but at a 45-degree angle, you have to only adjust the blade angle. Now, another dimension adds to your saw.

If you want to angled cut between the length of the board and its width. At that point, you may require a guide like a crate or a sled. You can either get one for yourself or build an apparatus or a sled that will assist you with making these cuts with accuracy. This cut we can also call it a mitered cut.


Buying guide of best table saw

If you are hand on the table saw or developed the experience on it you can make the cut according to your desire. you can make joints to join two parts of the board at an angle and you may even find that it’s smarter to cut joints utilizing a table saw, since they will, in general, be more strong than ones made with a less exact device.

Safety Measures

Because of the construction of table saws, it can be dangerous so there is some safety measure which we have to take while cutting. We have presented a few steps that should be followed before and during cutting action.

Acquainting Yourself: The initial step is acquainting yourself with your table saw. Peruse the manual carefully and see how to adjust the cutting blade appropriately. Ensure that the safety equipment that comes with you is turned on. If you find the saw is dirty, clean properly the saw and change the blade often because after some time it starts working slowly.

Keep Yourself safe: Ensure that you are safe while performing cutting action. If you feel tired, at that time don’t use a table saw. Before starting cutting action or during cutting, keep on checking around your surroundings such as you saw, your workpiece or any work material. If you feel something is not right, Do not start a table saw until you feel that you and your environment are safe.

Make sure the workpiece is right: Before cutting check that wood should not be deformed or wet. If you find that wood is deformed then do not use deformed wood it can kickback you or harm you. Adjust the blade 4 inches above the top of the workpiece that you are going to cut.

Push Shoe/Push Stick: When you start cutting there is a barrier between you and your workpiece that will protect you from any injury. We call this barrier a push shoe or a push stick.

Accessories:  You have to wear glasses while cutting to save your eyes from debris. Also, use hearing protection, and a dust mask.  The most important clothing should be tight on the wrist. Use the blade guard and do not wear rings and any other jewelry during the cutting operation.


In this article, we have articulated how to protect yourself while cutting and What is the use of a table saw? There are some important things to know: what is the cutting guide to use, how to construct and how to find the right saw so you can create precise cuts with a precision saw. As you build experience in using the table saw, then you’ll find when you need a cutting guide, how to use it, etc. Follow the above instruction and make the desired cutting.

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