How Does A Miter Saw Work? – Parts With Their Use

Miter saw is a powerful tool that we use to cut a variety of angles.  So If you are going to use or plan to buy you need to know how does a miter saw work? If you are planning to buy  this versatile apparatus, here are the best miter saw of various brands, styles, and use.

So knowing about its nature definitely helps you when you’ll use this saw. We are here to give a proper idea of what miter saw is and how it works. So let’s start to know about this saw.

What Is Miter Saw?

Miter saw is a type of saw that allows you to make cuts at different angles. This saw lets you produce a quick, precise crosscut at any selected angle. Miter saw includes a blade that is attached to the swing arm that pivots left or right to make angled cuts.

Most Of the models of the saw are small and portable with a common blade size. It is used for a wide variety of applications such as crown molding, door jambs, window housing, picture outlines, etc. In the event that you should use only the right blade, this saw can make ideal cuts on a large scale of the material.

How Does A Miter Saw Work?

How does this saw work? We will come to know about it through the observed parts of the miter because it is important and each part of the miter plays a different role.

Parts Of The Miter Saw


This is the most important part because it provides power to the saw that speeds the blade to move left and right. The average power of a motor is 10-15 amp. If you want simple domestic cuts then you can use an average power saw But if you want to cut through metal, tile, and drywall then you need an industrial miter saw with great power capacity to cut smoothly. Direct drive model engines are the best because they can be used for extensive tasks.


There is no use of any saw if it doesn’t consist of a blade so blade also plays a vital role in each saw. There are different types of blade available in markets. But blade size depends on what type of material we are going to cut. If you want to cut thick material then you should require a thin blade but for a thin workpiece, you can use an average size of the blade. The average blade size range is between 8-12 inches.


Miter saw is used to show the edge of cuts. Generally, the miter saw is used to make cuts at one side but now the best miter saw that is available in the market today produces cuts at both sides. We can also adjust miter saw according to our desired angle. Sometimes it is not set at a 45-degree angle by default.


The material is usually held against a fence, providing a precise cutting angle between the plane of the blade and the plane of the longest workpiece edge.


Bevel produces angled cuts on the workpiece. It provides cuts all over the edge of wooden planks or cuts at the end of the timber. how does it happen when the head of the saw tilts on the side and rotates on the table. Some of the models come tilt on the one side. But the double bevel miter saw tilt on either side. Bevel is good for crown molding and wood furniture.

Dust Collection System

It is important to have a dust collection system in your saw. Dust port keeps your workspace clean and keeps your saw clean which increases the life of the miter saw and reduces maintenance costs. It also helps to increase your work capacity and you improve efficiency in your work.

Laser Guide System

When you buy a saw, it should have a laser light system. The laser guide system increases visibility during cutting. You can see a clear path while cutting. Some models come with red laser light. The red light is good for guiding the path. This helps you make precise and clean cuts. And makes your work fast and efficient.

Shaft Lock

Shaft lock saves time when installing the blade and changing the blade. Shaft lock increases productivity as well. It is an easy and quick blade changing system.

Table Extension

Table extension is used to prove the additional support to the workpiece and stability of the miter saw. There are some parts that are attached to the side of the saw to provide balance and firmness.

Last Words

An ideal choice for carpenters, carpenters, craftsmen, woodworkers. It is a good saw for personal and commercial use. This article has described the nature of this saw using its parts. Hopefully, it will be useful for beginners as well. All professionals should add this tool to the workshop. It is a great tool for various types of activities. Let me assure you that you will never regret using it.

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